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Asesorías Académicas

(27 de enero 2020) Publicamos los tópicos finales para el examen final que se impartirá en la última semana de febrero

CABE RECALCAR QUE LA CREATIVIDAD ES UNA CLAVE IMPORTANTE PARA MINIMIZAR LOS NERVIOS Y PERMITIR QUE LA PRECISION Y FLUIDEZ FLUYAN. En la presentación del examen no se permiten presentaciones PowerPoint, buscamos creatividad y no encajonar a nuestros alumnos a seguir una rutina.

Los criterios de evaluación serán:

1. Precisión (calificación individual)

2. Creatividad (calificación grupal)

3. Grupo Conversacional (calificación individual)

PRINCIPIANTES – ‘A’ – Presentacion Verbal 8 minutos

Presentacion de 8 minutos: ‘A Day in My Life’.


PRINCIPIANTES – ‘B’ – Presentación Verbal 10 minutos

Presentación de 12 minutos: “A Problem I had and how I solved it”


INTERMEDIOS ‘A’ – Presentación Grupal Verbal (20 minutos)

Presentación por equipos de 4 alumnos

  1. Group 1: How were the 13 colonies formed?
  2. Group 2: The American War of Independence vs. Great Britain
  3. Group 3: The American Civil War
  4. Group 4: The Expansion from the 13 colonies to 50 states


INTERMEDIOS ‘B’ – (20 minutos de Presentación)

Presentación por equipo de 3 alumnos:

  1. Group 1: The Coronavirus
  2. Group 2: Tren Maya
  3. Group 3: Genaro Garcia Luna
  4. Group 4: El Avion Presidencial


ADVANCED ‘A’ – (15 minutos de presentación)

  1. Blanca Castillo: What was the worst situation you lived in your life?
  2. Carolina Magdaleno: If your husband were to pass away, how would you assume the economic leadership of your family?
  3. Eric Avedaño: What opportunities have you missed in life due to ‘fear’?
  4. Erik Castillo: What is the medical process to have a baby through treatment?
  5. Iris Acosta: The world of Lingerie.
  6. Jorge Moran: Your childhood, teenage years and adult as a shy/quiet person.
  7. Karen Carrillo: Karen Carrillo 2025.
  8. Erick Castañeda: What college and degree will you be studying after Asesorias Academicas and why?
  9. Fernanda Lopez: Why is that in Mexico children live at home with their parents in their 20’s and even 30’s when that doesn’t happen in other countries?
  10. Stefany Maza: How much has your life plan changed since your presentation in August 2019? Has anything happened in the last 6 months that has changed your vision about your future?
  11. Victor Neri: How much does a wedding cost?